Credit & Thanks

Update: 13.06.06

Most of the big screen shots are my own - please credit

Thanks to all the people on my Gallery Link page.

Those are most of the site where I have gotten my Sailor Moon pictures from.
Over time I have visited a LOT of sites and once in a while found pictures I like. I have them all listed under my favourites on my computer - well that's until my computer crashed! Arg! hate when that happens! ;-) So I might have missed a few links - once re-found I'll make sure to link!

In the beginning when I started looking at Sailor Moon pages (before I wanted to create "Sailor Libra's Crystal Moon") I didn't list the different pages so some sites where I got my pictures from are missing (tell me if you see some of yours and I'll make sure to link you) - and again, once re-found I'll link!
Other sites have closed or the contents changed... these sites are not listed either.

I have tried to list all sites with a banner, sites without a banner are linked with a button and those sites without either are just linked with text.
Well.. these are some really cool sites - so go on and have a look. :-))

Sailor Libra

Sailor Moon Gallery Links