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June 13th 2006
Created 21.04.02

Welcome "Sailor Libra's Crystal Moon"
I am Sailor Libra the creator of this site. This site is dedicated to the wonderful anime and manga Sailor Moon and all the fans out there!! - I hope you enjoy my site.

~Sailor Libra~

Update Info - Update: 13.06.06

Well.. updates have been slow the last 1½ year but things have been busy here and.. well.. started playing World of Warcraft when it came out so I kinda got addicted to that and didn't really find any interest in maintaning my website.
Anyway.. the site stays up but updates will be close to not existing.

While going through the site I decided to clean it up a bit. Removed some stuff, deleted my webring and got rid of my guestbook. I simply got tired of all kinds of bots posting in it and messing it all up. So if you wanna say something about the site feel free to contact me instead.
Gallery, graphics and wallpapers are still up and will remain so.. and there might be some updates to them once in a while. Atleast I'm hoping there will be, but let's see how things go.

Else, just have fun and enjoy the site.

With Lots of Love
~Sailor Libra~

Previous updates Visit Sailor Libra dot com - I've got Wedding Peach and Tokyo Mew Mew and much more to come!! :-)